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Airport Dental Cork
Airport Dental Cork

Dental Bridge in Cork

Fill the Gap and Restore Your Smile

A bridge is a simple and effective way of filling a gap caused by a missing tooth or teeth.

If large gaps aren’t filled you risk the chance of the remaining teeth in the area shifting into the empty space which can disrupt your bite and potentially lead to gum disease and even further tooth loss.

It normally takes 2 visits to our practice to have your bridge put properly in place. During the first, we will prepare both sides of the gap and take impressions that will then be used to create your custom made bridge.

When the bridge is ready we will set up a second appointment and fit the bridge, making any adjustments so that it feels and looks as natural as possible.

Not only will a bridge allow you to chew your food normally and stop other teeth from shifting into the empty space, they will restore the natural look of your mouth.

What is a bridge?


How is a bridge put in place?

Firstly, impressions of your teeth are taken and we match the shade of the surrounding teeth. We will then send the impressions off to our lab in Ireland where they will create your custom made bridge before scheduling your second appointment where it will be bonded onto your teeth.

What are bridges made of?

The most popular material for bridges is porcelain because it looks more like natural teeth, however they can be made from other materials. Your Airport Dental professional will happily discuss the various options available to you.

Will it hurt?

Our dentists are highly trained in the latest technology and techniques to make the process as comfortable and pain free as possible. Some patients experience a small amount of sensitivity for a few days afterwards but it usually goes away quickly on its own.