Dental Bridges in Cork

Bridges are often ideal tooth replacements for people missing one or two teeth. Unlike dentures, they are fixed in place and do not have to be taken in or out.

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Bridges FAQs

Q: What is a bridge?

A: A bridge is a fixed tooth replacement. It uses the teeth next to a space to support a new tooth in that space. There are many different types of bridge design depending on each individual situation.

Q: What are the advantages of a bridge?

A: The main advantage of a bridge compared with a denture is that the teeth are fixed in place and cannot be removed. They look just like a real tooth and unlike an implant no surgery is required.


Q: What are the disadvantages of a bridge?

A: The main disadvantage of a bridge is that it must be connected to other teeth. This requires there to be strong enough teeth next to the space to support the bridge. These teeth may be weakened over time from supporting the bridge.

Q: Why a bridge and not an implant?

A: A bridge may be a better alternative to an implant in a case where the space is too small to place an implant or where there is not enough bone to support an implant. Bridges may be used in younger patients where their jaws are still developing and they are not yet old enough to have a dental implant placed.