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Airport Dental Cork
Airport Dental Cork

Dental Crowns in Cork

Rebuild & Repair Broken or Damaged Teeth

Crowns can be placed over broken, weak or damaged teeth to restore its original size, shape, strength and colour. They can be made from metal, ceramic or a mixture of both.

Unlike other treatments, such as implants, a crown allows you to keep the root of your tooth and fits above the gum and over the existing tooth, restoring its original strength.

Fitting a crown usually takes two appointments. During the first we will take impressions of your teeth and match your tooth colour. Then our lab will custom make your crown which we will bond permanently into place during your second visit.

What is a dental crown?


What Will My Crown Be Made From?

Crowns are most often made from different materials depending on where they will be placed. Ceramic crowns are popular because they look more like natural teeth. However, if your crown will be placed near the back of your mouth, we may make your crown from a metal alloy.

Does it hurt to get a crown put in place?

We use a local anaesthetic so the treatment should be mostly pain free- especially if your tooth’s nerve has been removed. You may have some slight sensitivity for a short time but it should settle within a few days.

Are crowns easy to care for?

Regular brushing and flossing will keep your crown clean and the gums surrounding it healthy. Occasionally they may need a slight adjustment but otherwise it should look and feel healthy, strong, and natural.