Dental Crowns in Cork

Crowns are often needed to protect teeth that have had very large fillings. Crowns can improve the appearance of teeth and keep them strong and healthy into the future.

Crown FAQs

Q:What is a crown?

A: A crown (sometimes called a cap) is a solid covering made by our dental laboratory which is cemented over your own tooth. They are made of strong materials such as tooth-coloured ceramics or gold. Crowns protect both the structure of the tooth and also have the benefit of improving the appearance of teeth.

Q:Why would I need a crown?

A:Teeth can only support a certain amount of filling. Once the ratio of filling to tooth is too great the filling or tooth will continue to break. This will eventually result in the tooth needing to be extracted. Placing a protective crown will greatly increase the lifespan of the tooth.

Q:Are all teeth suitable for crowns?

A: For crowns to be successful there needs to be enough solid tooth left to support the crown. If this is not the case, then an extraction may be necessary. If this is done, then the tooth can often be replaced by a dental implant or a bridge.


Q:Is it a complicated procedure?

A: No. Normally the procedure takes two visits. At the first visit, the tooth is shaped for the crown and an impression or mould of your teeth is taken. This is sent to our dental laboratory in Ireland where the crown is constructed. The crown is then fitted at a second visit two weeks later. A temporary crown is always fitted to the tooth between visits enabling you to chew and bite as normal.