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Airport Dental Cork
Airport Dental Cork

Single Dental Implants in Cork

A High-Tech Solution for a Missing Tooth

When you’re missing a tooth it can affect the way you speak, the way you chew- which can lead to digestive problems- and you risk having your surrounding teeth twisting and shifting into the gap, potentially leading to even more problems with your bite.

At Airport Dental we offer single implants that act, look and feel almost exactly like a natural tooth. It can restore your smile, improve your oral health, and help prevent further problems down the road.

How Single Implants Work

We will place one titanium screw to serve as the foundation for your permanent tooth replacement.

Single implants, unlike bridges and dentures, are self-supporting which mean your surrounding teeth are not used as anchors or otherwise affected. Implants are also more comfortable, won’t affect the way you eat or speak and don’t need to be removed for cleaning.

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Single Implant Placement

dental implants cork
dental implants cork
dental implants cork

Amazing Results

By their very nature, having an implant put in place is a more involved treatment than other cosmetic solutions. It requires a fairly minor surgical procedure and requires time and patience but in the end they offer many benefits that other treatments can’t such as:

Before Implant Treatment
Airport Dental Implant Centre Cork

During Implant Treatment
Airport Dental Implant Centre Cork

After Implant Treatment
Airport Dental Implant Centre Cork


Is An Implant Right For Me?

As a general rule, implants are a fantastic choice for adults over 18 who are in good general health.

Implant technology has advanced considerably, and people who may not have been suitable for implants in the past can now benefit from this fantastic treatment. At Airport Dental, we will do a full assessment of your oral health to determine if you are a good candidate for an implant- the chances are excellent that you are!

How Long Does the Treatment Take?

The initial surgery to place the titanium screw can take anywhere from 1 - 3 hours depending on your individual circumstances. Once the screw is in place, we allow a minimum of 3 months for it to bond (integrate) with your bone structure. When your implant has fully integrated, we make an impression of your mouth and create a custom-made final restoration (crown) which can take an additional two weeks. The final fitting generally takes one hour.

How Long Will An Implant Last? Is The Treatment Safe?

Implants are a tried and tested treatment that is incredibly safe and can last a lifetime if cared for diligently and properly. If you look after your implants with regular brushing and schedule regular maintenance check ups, it will make a real difference on their longevity.