If a tooth is too badly damaged to be saved an extraction is required. Contact us to find out more. 

If a tooth is too badly damaged to be saved an extraction is required as unfortunately not all teeth can be fixed. In these cases removal of a tooth may be required. This is always carried out in a painless and caring manner.

When teeth are too badly damaged to be saved then extraction is required. This is done under local anaesthetic. This means the procedure is completely painless. Some discomfort or swelling is to be expected in the days after extraction. Following extraction several tooth replacement options are available .These include Implants, Bridges and Dentures.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

There is often insufficient space for wisdom teeth to erupt fully in the mouth. This can result in infection or dental decay and require the removal of the affected wisdom teeth. As the teeth are often partly covered by the gum the procedure is more complex than a routine extraction. Several options are available for removal. These include having treatment under local anaesthetic, General anaesthetic or under sedation. The cost of Wisdom tooth extraction is often covered by your health insurance. Speak to us today about the best option for you.