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Airport Dental Cork
Airport Dental Cork

White Fillings in Cork

Seamless Smiles with White Fillings

When most people think of fillings they probably picture the unsightly traditional amalgam, or ‘silver’ fillings.

At Airport Dental, we give you the option of having white fillings which are made from resin and inorganic materials, such as glass ceramics and/or porcelain, that more closely match your tooth colour for a much more natural look.

White fillings can also be used to restore chipped or uneven teeth and return them to their original shape and colour.

Putting White Fillings In Place

Having a white filling placed is very similar to getting a traditional silver filling. We remove the decay from the tooth and reshape the area so it’s ready for the filling. The white resin is then put in place, allowed to harden and then polished and smoothed for a natural look and feel.

See the difference for yourself!

Amazing Results

Before Treatment
white fillings in Cork

After Treatment
white fillings in Cork


Are White Fillings As Good As Amalgam Fillings?

Although both types of fillings ultimately serve the same purpose of protecting the tooth from further damage, white fillings take a bit more time to put into place to ensure it matches the colour and contour of your tooth.

Will I Feel Any Discomfort After My Dentist Places The Filling?

There is a small chance that you will experience some mild sensitivity after the procedure but it usually settles down after a few days. Most people experience no discomfort whatsoever but if you do, it can be easily managed with over-the-counter pain relievers such as Ibuprofen.

Are White Fillings Really Less Noticeable?

Yes! At Airport Dental we use composite materials of the highest quality that can be mixed to match the colour of your tooth. Our dentists also contour the filling so that its shape matches the teeth around it. When the treatment is complete the filling is practically invisible.